My name is Brett and I am the service manager here at Gates Toyota in South Bend Indiana. We had a customer that had an older Prius come in with a bad hybrid battery. The cost for a new one from the dealership was over $4,700 and it didn't make sense to offer this to our customer as the car is worth less than the repair cost. We contacted Andy at Hybrid Hero and him and his helper came to our dealership and performed the repair for only $600. The customer had a limited budget and if it wasn't for Hybrid Hero we would not have been able to help our customer. Top notch professionals. Will be calling them again in the future.
Brett L.
I am a student at UWM and my 2005 Prius needed a battery pack. I am a broke college student and the local Toyota dealership wanted an arm and a leg for a new battery. Hybrid Hero put a new pack in for me for only $1,000 and gave me a 1 year warranty with unlimited miles. Best deal I found.
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Mary X.
Andy and Peter were great. Came to my house and fixed my Prius, which saved me a tow. They cleaned up everything afterwards and were very friendly and efficient. I saved thousands of dollars!
Carol G.
I got a quote from my local Chevy dealer and they wanted $6,800 to install a new battery pack in my Tahoe Hybrid. Luckily, I found Hybrid Hero and they did it for only $1500! My car drives great and the mileage is now back into the 20s again! Would definitely recommend these guys to anyone!
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David L.
My daughter's 2006 Prius had a red triangle pop up, it was losing power and could not drive over 25 mph. Andy and his staff came and replaced my battery pack with a new one and showed me how much dust and fur balls I had in my fan and vent duct. They vacuumed the area and blew out all the debris to improve airflow. They went above and beyond! Would definitely do business with them again!
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Destiny W.
The "Check Hybrid System" error message popped up on our 2007 Camry hybrid. We live in Minneapolis and Hybrid Hero not only drover over 5 hours to come to our house, but they didn't even charge us for the trip! Our Camry is back on the road and runs like new!
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Alan G.