About Us

Meet Andy Song

I started Hybrid Hero around 7 years ago. My kids were attending school an hour away and I found myself spending 4 hours each day driving (an hour to drop them off at school and an hour to come back home, another hour to pick them up from school and an hour to come home). The minivan was killing me on gas so I Googled which car has the best gas mileage and it was the Toyota Prius. I purchased one and saved so much money!

However 6 months later the "red triangle of death" appeared on the dash. I took the Prius to the Toyota dealer they told me it will be $4,789 to install a new hybrid battery pack. I thought this was ridiculous. as I paid less than that for the whole car. So I decided to learn how to perform the repair myself. After extensive research and hands on practice, to my amazement, I was able to get the car running. I was so excited I posted my accomplishment on Facebook page and shortly after, several friends and family members told me they have the same issue with their Prius and asked if I could help them fix their battery. A new company was born.